Johnny Chang Kinetic Brother

Jimmy Chang is Johnny’s older brother.  Jimmy is taller, and more muscular than Johnny.  Jimmy is current manager at Customer Upholstery.  Jimmy and Johnny’s parents own the shop, explaining how someone so young can be in charge.

Michelle is an employee at Custom Upholstery.  She is roughly the same age as Johnny, and has known him since (at least) high school.  .  Michelle is extremely smart, and took a liking towards building and tinkering early on.  She even took shop class in high school and electronics courses in college.  Financial matters had her drop out after receiving her Associate's Degree, and Johnny offered her a job at his family shop.  



Gary is the second in command at Custom Upholstery, and has more experience there than any other employee.  Despite his middle-age, Gary is a constant joker, usually finding a way to spin anything into a prank or joke.  He is usually seen in a button-up shirt and slacks, even when outside of the store.



POlice chief

The Chief of police is a tall man, and in excellent shape for his age.  I do want to avoid any physical and ideological similarities to Jim Gordon or Batman fame.  Crane is not, nor will be, working with the vigilante Kinetic.

Detective simmons


hell bent on capturing the vigilante Kinetic.  Simmons is slightly younger than Crane, but not in as good a shape.  Not exactly fat, but maybe he’s starting to develop the body of a man spending too many hours behind a desk.