Red Reaper


Harrison is a middle-aged African-American man who has taken to a life of a vigilante after his daughter, Ruby, was kidnapped. Her whereabouts are currently unknown. As the Red Reaper, his stance that the “ends justify the means” form of violent justice clashes with Kinetic’s less controversial form of letting the police deal with criminals after the fact.


Red Reaper served in the military, and underneath his flashy cloak is a man with a natural talent for fighting and marksmanship. Reaper wears a bulletproof vest, combat fatigue pants, and combat boots underneath his cloak.


Harrison’s daughter, Ruby, was kidnapped about a year and a half ago. Ruby had a distinctive dyed-red hairstyle, similar in color to Johnny’s coworker, Lauren. We are leading readers to believe that Lauren may be Ruby, but this is not the case.


Due to the events in his past, Harrison suffers from PTSD, and sometimes slips into violent, uncontrollable outbu