The red reaper

Red Reaper

Little is known about the elusive RED REAPER.  some say he is a hero. Others say he murders in cold blood. Due to the events in his past, it appears he suffers from PTSD, and sometimes slips into violent, uncontrollable outbursts. The red reaper plays an important role, being perhaps the first vigilante to rise under the formidable shadow of iron ascender. Naturally, the reaper dresses in a red robe designed to make him look like the specter of death itself, complete with a scythe for "harvesting" criminals. he is the first person kinetic can claim as a friend and mentor. 




an over-the-top parody of a 90s anti-hero, bloodblade will serve as a nemesis for kinetic, Dispatched to the city to apprehend the vigilante. Bloodblade has fallen under rough times since his 90s heyday, struggling to find decent and consistent work despite his skills as a mercenary. He's even older and more gruff than before, most might even call him washed up. bloodblade will be featured in his own self-titled one shot, which will serve as a tie in to the next story arc: Kinetic Surges



Henry harris, a.k.a. the black ant, is likely the only remaining friend of the disgraced anti-hero, bloodblade. the black ant is an african-american, pushing his mid-thirties but in excellent shape for his age. His mask resembles a ants face, with oversized eyes and antennae, and a cutout for his mouth. on his torso is the ant-symbol: similar to spider-man's spider spider on his chest, two of the legs reach to his shoulders, two to the side of his torso, and the last two towards his belt. black ant has an exoskeleton superpower deriving his name - he is impervious to most physical attacks black ant will debut in the bloodblade one-shot, and will also appear in Kinetic: Surges story arc.