Denver Comic Con 2016



20 hours on the road is quite a haul!!

Was well worth the time to make this year Denver Comic Con, pact full of artists, authors, publishers, costumed fans, and all sorts if shenanigans that you see in the scene. The line to meet Stan Lee was understandingly long but it paid off to get my exclusive print Amazing Spider-Man #50 signed, Tim Sale signed my Variant Cover of Batman #1.

I spoke with several independent publishers who gave me some pointers on printing - Z2 Comics was especially helpful with maybe finding some Canadian sources for printing, Valiant Comics has a great deal for their Trade Paperbacks, and most of their works seems like an interesting read.  Also had a nice little chat while meeting John Rhys-Davies, other than that just met a lot of artists like Jae Lee, Todd Nauck, and countless local artists and authors of both comics and prose.

I attended a few panels, the standouts being Jim Shooter's "Writing for Comics."  Jim Shooter was the editor for Marvel a long time ago, and was the first editor for Valiant back around the later 80s/early 90s.  Also, there were several Literary panels that were well worth the time for anyone on the writing end.  John Rhys-Davies was excellent on the main stage.

Surprisingly, the Big 4 really weren't represented there.  DC and Marvel were absent, as were Dark Horse and Image Comics (both of whom were at ECCC).  Several bigger small publishers were notably missing as well, such as IDW, Dynamite, and BOOM Studios

Unfortunately, due to a schedule conflict, I unfortunately could not see Stan Lee inside Bellco Theater.  The line, however, was by far the longest line I saw for any event there.

Overall the show had a great feel.  My only complaint was a minor issue with some of the volunteers, who sometimes seemed like they needed more training (I was directed no less than three different places in an attempt to find where to purchase Stan Lee's autograph/photo op)