Checking In!

With summer off to a quick start and fall right around the corner and we have a ton on our plates trying to get prepared for the next few months. Rose City Comic-Con in coming up in Septemeber 10th-11th and we will be there to meet some legends including Stan Lee, who we just met a Denver Comic-con, John and Joan Cusack will be attending, Denise Crosby from Next Generation; Jon Bernthol and Chad Coleman from Walking Dead, as well as Jay Rachel Edidin and Miles Stokes, Ani-Mia, James Asmus, Mike Baron, David Baron and so many more talented people. Should be a blast..

First issue of Kinetic is up and running, Raphel is hard at working getting the story boards ready for the next few steps in our very long publishing process. The letterist will take over next then the colorist, official approvals and the cover, then finally heading to get printed. 100's of man hours go into this whole process and we are happy to be working with such a great group of people. 

Hope everyone enjoy these last few weeks of the summer, looking forward to giving you tons of updates about the progression of Kinetic and the other projects we have going. With any luck we will see some of you at RCCC.