How do I even begin....... This is the one and only wolverine in his final epic tale. How could this be the end? After all these years it's almost painful to see this "old man" Logan, he's been to hell and back literally. I have to say that i hate to see this stellar character come to an end but wow what a movie. All the action and badass battles you would expect to see in such a conclusion. Not to mention a brand new character, mini girl version of Wolverine himself, Laura Kinney a.k.a. X23, a stellar kick-ass character with bone claws in her hands and feet!!! What!?!???!!! Not to mention regenerative healing powers but enhanced senses, reflexes, and speed, and it is all on display in this film.  The professor was such a crack up, suffering from Alzheimer's and is very blithesome eccentric, very different from the stern faced leader on wheels, laughing and joking..